Cathedral of the Epiphany

The Orthodox Church in the name of the Epiphany of the Lord is one of the oldest stone buildings in Irkutsk. The wooden cathedral was founded in the same place (behind the eastern wall of the Irkutsk Kremlin) in 1693, but during a fire on August 3, 1716, it completely burned down.
In 1718, after clearing the ashes, a stone cathedral was laid, it was built for 5 years on donations from citizens and guests of the city.

By 1760, the 3-aisle cathedral was ready, a little later three more chapels were added to it. And on the night of April 23-24, 1804, an earthquake occurred. As a result, the cross of the cathedral flew off and the fifth dome was damaged.

In 1797, a huge bell was cast, which weighed more than 12 tonnes - the largest bell in the city, with the corresponding name - the Big One. In 1815, the bell was raised to a bell tower crowned with a cross in the style of Russian classicism.

December 30-31, 1861 (that was the New Year’s eve!) again, a strong earthquake occurred, as a result of which almost all the arches were damaged, cracks appeared on them, arches burst over windows and doors, frames fell out of windows, two columns in the Peter and Paul iconostasis moved from their places. The cathedral had to be repaired again.

In the XVIII—XIX centuries. The Epiphany Church had the status of a cathedral, but by 1894 the huge Kazan Cathedral was completed, to which the department of the Irkutsk diocese was moved. Perhaps this saved the Cathedral of the Epiphany from the barbaric destruction in 1932 that befell Kazan.

After the October Revolution, the Cathedral was closed to the faithful, placing a bakery confectionery shop in the building. In 1960, the Epiphany Cathedral and the Church of the Savior wanted to be demolished, for which an architect from Moscow was sent - Galina Oranskaya. But she was impressed by the beauty of the temples and undertook their reconstruction.

The restoration of the Epiphany Cathedral was carried out from 1967 to 1985, after which it was transferred to the Irkutsk Regional Art Museum. The lecture hall of the Society for the Revival of Russian Spirituality and Culture worked in the room for several years, concerts of sacred music were constantly held.
In 1994, the cathedral was transferred to the Irkutsk diocese. It was rededicated by Bishop Vadim in 1995, on the feast of Easter. And in 2003, the cathedral received a new look — the artists of the icon painting workshop completed the painting of the facade and the main chapel of the temple. The cathedral sparkled with joyful colors, as we can see it now.

Cathedral of the Epiphany

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